Hello everyone, Silvernome here with the second part of my Forces of Change: The Thousand Sons, including both versions of Ahriman, Sorcerers, Magnus the Red and Occult Terminators.

Since I have a large and slow Death Guard force, I wanted my Thousand Sons force to focus on speed. Every unit has wings, discs or can deep strike in. The idea is to zip around the board claiming objectives and blowing things up with their psychic destruction.

My leaders consist of: Ahriman, Exalted Sorcerer (30k Ahriman), a converted AoS Sorcerer on a Disc and a Sorcerer in Terminator Armor (FW event model). All the disc riders are magnetized to be able to run on regular bases if I don't want to pay the points for the discs. Since I wasn't a fan of the head on the FW Terminator, I removed it and put on a Scarab Occult helmet and swapped out his axe for a more on-theme weapon. For the Scarab Occult terminators, I magnetized the Heavy Weapons model so he can swap between the cannon, flamer or just run as a regular bolter model and on the Scarab Occult Champion, I magnetized his off-staff hand to run the CC weapon or Bolter.

The entire force is lead by the man that did nothing wrong: Magnus the Red. His chest armor is magnetized so I can remove it when he takes more wounds or just want to run him without. When I was building him during 7th edition, flyers had to come out of flying and hover to battle so I magnetized his wings. In 8th, he no longer needs to do that so I decided to just glue them in permanently.

Hope you enjoyed this look into the yet young but growing Tzeentch and Thousand Sons forces. I've already bought a few more kits to help grow it and look forward to sharing them in the future!

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