Here we have another refined Ultramarines Squad. This squad is a mix of the original metal Sternguard models and the newer plastic kit. Check out all the pictures and see what I improved – after the jump.

This is the original squad. As you can see, I essentially upgraded all models to 32mm bases, drilled the barrels and unified the squad markings. I also spent some time refining the paint jobs of the original metal Sternguard models, as these were much older paint jobs in comparison to the more recently added plastic models.

All the models based on the plastic kit, plus an MkV Marine from Forge World. Check out the model in MkIV armour on the right. I changed the original "dog's snout" MkIV helmet from the Sternguard kit for a sleeker version from the MkIV Marines Horus Heresy kit.

I've also got an alternate Squad Sergeant with power fist, one of the original Sternguard models. 

I intend to add two more models to bring the squad to full strength (ten plus the alternate Sergeant), but for now, I want to finish the reworking of all of my older models before I'll add anything new. Watch out for more reworked Ultramarines soon.

How do you like this squad? I'd be glad to read in the comments.