I didn't post that much for the last couple of weeks, but this doesn't mean that I haven't spent time on working on some models. Today I can present you some more Ultramarines: another reworked Tactical Squad. Check out more pictures after the jump.

This is what the squad looked like before reworking. As usual, I didn't just upgrade the bases and paint jobs of my older models but also added a couple new bits and armour variants.

The Sergeant is an old metal Veteran. While working on this model I realised how much I prefer painting modern, digitally sculpted or assisted plastic sculpts. The details are more precise, while manually sculpted and cast models often have some rough spots you discover while painting. I didn't notice it back then, I think became more sensible to casting and sculpting flaws after the Finecast debacle.

Here we have a new addition, a plastic MkIV Marine mixed with weapons from the Tactical Squad sprue. I also kitbashed a new Corporeal in MkVI armour (a rank that existed back in 2nd Edition, a combat squad leader, denoted by a red iron halo) and added a Marine in MkV armour, based on the Forge World kit. Again there is a huge difference in sculpting quality between the manually sculpted resin MkV armour parts and today's Marine plastic kits.

Here are some more Bolter slogging Marines. The one on the far left got a new helmet with bionic eye from the Devastator Squad sprue, while the Marine in MkIV armour from the far right was actually drafted from my other Tactical Squad and just needed new insignia. The second Marine from right dates back to the 4th Edition starter set but he doesn't look too bad with some refined highlights, doesn't he.

How do you like my upgraded Tactical Squad? Only a few units and vehicles left to rework! I wonder if I can paint anything different than blue power armour again... ;)