Here we have my second Tactical Ultramarines squad. I already brought this squad up to scratch in May 2017, so for his time, I only needed to change a few things. Find out more after the jump.

Here is a picture of the original squad. As you can see, the plasma coils used to be green, the barrels weren't drilled, and I swapped a MkIV Marine for a MkVII Marine. The MkIV Marine is now on duty in my other Tactical Squad.

These are the three models I worked on. The MkIII Marine and the Sergeant got "modern" cyan blue plasma coils, like they do on the studio painted Ultramarines. The model on the right is a replacement for the MkIV Marine I put into my other Tactical Squad. It's a pretty old push-fit model from the 4th Edition starter set, but with an updated paint job, he doesn't look to bad, does he. Notice the height difference compared to the MkIII Marine. Games Workshop was slowly pushing the height of Space Marines over the years by elongating the legs slightly and sculpting more upright poses.

These are the models I didn't really change (apart from drilling the barrels). Actually these are old pictures because I didn't bother to take new ones, so the barrels on the pictures aren't drilled yet I'm afraid. But you get the idea.

Next up I'll be reworking my Drop Pod and Sternguard Squad, so stay tuned for more blue posts on Tale of Painters!