I haven't posted in a while but that doesn't mean I wasn't busy working on my remaining older Ultramarines paint jobs. Here we have a Drop Pod for my recently reworked Sternguard Veterans. Apart from some sponge weathering, I also added scorch marks and burn damage that would occur while entering the atmosphere.

Painting drop pods is pretty boring, as the model has quite a lot of "surface" and there is so much repetition in the design. Thankfully I only own one.

The burn marks were built up with several thin layers of Warpaints Strong Tone Ink, VGC Brown Ink and Smokey Ink, then drybrushes of Dryad Bark and VMC Black. I rarely add extensive weathering to my models, as I prefer cleaner paint jobs and am always afraid to mess up my models. I think the effect turned out alright, but there are sure painters out there who could do more realistic weathering (like ThirdEyeNuke).

Next up is a reworked Stormtalon, so stay tuned. How you like the Drop Pod? Leave me a comment.