This Stormtalon was originally painted in 2014, before the Stormhawk Interceptor was released. I wasn't happy with the front-heavy design, so I streamlined its Silhouette a little bit. Nowadays I probably would have just bought a Stormhawk. Despite its rather recent paint job, I still changed a few things like replacing the hand-painted weathering with more refined sponge weathering and upgrading the rather boring original base. Check out all the pictures after the jump.

The original paint job can be found here. Like on my recent Ultramarines vehicles, the blue armour has now a sponge-weathering effect. I also changed a few details here and there and added new markings for more consistency within my collection. I also made a more interesting base with pieces from the Sector Imperialis large base detailing kit, as I felt the original base was rather bland.

The pilot's armour has been changed to a cohesive MkVII pattern instead of the original mix of MkIV and MkVII. Notice the Cog Mechanicum on the chest plate. According to the background, Stormtalons and Stormhawks are piloted by Techmarines, but I feel that doesn't make sense, as there are only so many Techmarines within a chapter and they sure have more important duties to fulfill than to fly around in suicide missions. So I opted for a regular Marine but the Cog Mechanicum might imply that he is a Techmarine aspirant or disciple.

How do you like my "Stahly" pattern Stormtalon? Tell me in the comments below.