What’s better than a tank? THE BIGGEST OF THE TANKS! With 8th edition, Chaos can finally take the mighty Mastodon and Jason couldn’t wait to add it to his Death Guard forces...

My original plan was to pick this up to add to my Armies on Parade display last November, but I wasn’t able to finish the board AND the tank in time so instead, I opted to have it ready for this year’s epic Yearhammer battle (a multi-day Apocolapse game with the Brookhammer crew). It transported a bunch of troops and two dreads and one-shot a Land Raider, but then died to TONS of Imperium shooting.

To be honest, building it was a HUGE pain in the ass. Lots of warped components led me to just glueing in the front and back access doors. When glueing together the side weapons, I accidentally glued the heavy flamer one backwards so had to do some cutting to make it work (probably didn't really notice did you?).

Either way, had a great time painting this kit and it's one of my favourite paint jobs for my growing Death Guard army.

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