Grandfather be praised. Today I wanted to share with you a trio of the most unclean deamons in the Warhammer Universe.

But to start a bit of a side story on how I came across these disgusting beasts: In the mid-2000’s I had the pleasure of working at at EA / Mythic Entertainment for the release of Warhammer Online. When the game was certified gold, everyone at the company was gifted a trophy of a Great Unclean One painted gold and put on a heavy base with our names. Such a cool treat! At that time, I didn’t play the game and thought it was an awesome trophy. When moving to NYC, my trophy broke and I threw the big guy away but kept the base as a memento. Fast forward to a few years ago, the studio was closing its doors and my old producer who still worked there offered to send us gift boxes of swag. I’m not sure if she saw my Instagram feed and noticed I’ve been playing 40K, but she was super awesome and sent me two Great Unclean Ones! Now, being a gamer, I quickly realized what I threw away wasn’t some cheap foam but the actual Forge World resin models!

Here are the two she had sent me. I had painted the second one listed here a few years ago when I got them, but after seeing the difference between the second painted one (first listed here) I had to repaint the second. The trick to knowing if I’m on the right path with the Nurgle models is to show them to my girlfriend. If she refuses to look, I’m doing things right.

Last year, for my birthday my gaming group Brookhammer pitched in and got me the newly released plastic Great Unclean One kit from Games Workshop. Recently I have finished him up to complete the trio.

The new plastic kit differs quite a bit from the resin one. There are multiple weapons and loadouts the player can use (either running him as a generic Great Unclean One or a named one, Rotigus). I knew I wanted the options to run him in different ways so I decided to magnetize his arms. I even created a tutorial video on how I went about doing just that.

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