Finishing this project feels so good. I've had the model for a couple of years and never did anything with it. Even when I finally decided to start recently it has still taken me a couple of months to complete it. I'm really happy with it.  More angles after the jump. 

I decided to remove the tree stump on the base and replace it with slate. I think it looks nicer. 

I'm pretty happy with my brown dinosaur. I wanted muted tones because i'm already using so many bold colours.

I like how the colours compliment each other but more importantly I like my placement of the colours which break up and define the model. I wasn't a fan of pure gold Stormcast. They just looked like gold blobs with all the armour pieces blending together.

Here's a little group shot of all my characters for my Primal Kings Stormcast army. I should post a group shot soon. 

Next up I'll be painting a new Warband for Shadespire. Make sure you check back soon to see what it is.