Hello fellow hobbyist! I am Alejo and would like to introduce myself. Originally from Colombia, I currently reside in The Bronx, New York and have lived in the United States for quite some time! I have painted miniatures for over fifteen years, but more so the past two. It is during these two years that I have had the chance to hone in and improve my painting ability. With that being said, I look forward to sharing more of my work from time to time, and really hope that you enjoy it!
For this showcase, I bring you Roboute Guilliman. This was by far one of the most detailed and complicated miniatures that I have painted. It was completed with motivation from my colleague Silvernome, as we both attempted to complete the Primarch brothers to use in a game. The model itself was painted in a way that it reflected the original painted by Games Workshop. Some differences were considered however to reflect my own preferences. One example being the gold trim which was washed using an Citadel’s Fuegan Orange to reflect the armies that I use for games (6th Company). Most of my armies use an Ochre like colour to unify them as a force. Rather than using the open face, I decided to paint the helmet to imply Guilliman’s eagerness to combat! Some of the toughest areas to paint here were the crest, and the small details on the legs and groin area.

The dead Chaos marine on the base was painted in a way that it reflects the Death Guard, and done in the colours of my colleague Silvernome’s forces. The eagle was painted in a marble like colour to represent the white buildings that cover the Ultramarines’ homeworld of Macragge. I also wanted it to contrast with the vivid colours of the armour, to show a sense of hope and perhaps stability for the galaxy. Finally, I wanted to make sure that the sand, grass and tuft would cover the areas where the plastic base meets the round larger base and at the same time, make sure that it was similar to my visual representation of Macragge’s surface (or rather my playing board).

One of the most difficult areas to paint was the backpack, as it required some careful highlighting and precision. Not only did the blue on the wings have to stand out, but also the cables, purity seals and the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol. These small details give the model life, and make it stand out on the tabletop!

Overall, it took over 15-20 hours to complete. For future reference, smaller highlights might help the overall aesthetic, to make it seem sharper, crisper, as well as accentuate the other details. I have to say that it was a challenge and it was well worth it! I hope all of you enjoyed the showcase!

If you have any questions or constructive criticism, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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