Just a few more models to rework and I've finally brought my whole Ultramarines collection up to scratch! Whew, being the perfectionist I am, it took longer than expected... anyways, here are some Scouts with Shotguns. More after the jump.

I didn't need to change much on these Scouts, I just added new transfers, drilled the barrels and changed and refined a couple of details here and there.

As you might notice, I used regular Marine heads instead of the heads that come with the kit. I'm not a huge fan of those, as they have a totally different facial structure than any other Space Marine sculpt, so they stand out in a strange way. The Sergeant's head comes from the Baneblade commander instead.

I assembled this squad with Shotguns for the only reason that you rarely see Scouts with Shotguns. They were never the go-to option, but I heard that in 8th Edition, they aren't actually too bad. The Scout in the middle is a classic metal sculpt by Jes Goodwin, I think he blends in quite nicely.

Only a squad of Terminators left to do, so excited to finally complete the Ultramarines rework project! I wonder what I'll do next... a good bet might be something pointy-eared ;)

How do you like the Scouts? Leave a comment below.