These two models are some of my more recent paint jobs, dating back to 2014, so naturally, I didn't have to touch up much. The main changes are new bases for the Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine. I used one of the new large oval bases, which weren't available back then. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Here is the original version. As you can see, the Thunderfire Cannon used to have a smaller, custom built base, made from a 60mm base cut in half and 20mm square bases to make it longer. The new oval base is a much better fit.

I also added sponge weathering to the blue armour and added some lighter and darker silvers to the metal.

The Techmarine left shoulder guard was corrected from blue to red, a non-Codex-Astartes-comform  oversight of mine, and the colour of the plasma coils was changed from green to cyan.

Here we go, another model brought up to scratch. Next up are some more Scouts. How do you like the Thunderfire Cannon? I wished they had ever released a version of this model in plastic...