Here is my other Ultramarines Dreadnought. It's a plastic Venerable Dreadnought, originally painted in 2010. Once again I refined the highlights, added sponge weathering and built a new base. I also changed the front armour and a couple of other details – check it out after the jump.

Here is the original model before I reworked it. You can see that I added a smoke launcher and changed the front armour. In hindsight I felt that the gothic arches would be better suited for chapters like Dark Angels and Black Templars, so I changed them for plainer armour pieces.

Maybe at some time, I'll add a "mother" Redemptor Dreadnought to complement my two "baby" Dreadnoughts. Let's see. Only a few more models left to rework. I haven't made up my mind yet what I'm going to paint after that, but I'm sure there won't be anymore blue for a while ;)

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