Hello everyone, Alejo back with another showcase! This time, I bring you an Astra Militarum Special Weapons Team set to assist the Ultramarines 6th Company Ochres! These Heavy Flamers, Meltas and Plasma gunners are reinforcements ready to mow down any Xenos or heretics that get in the way. More after the Jump!

It was about time to complete these Special Weapon teams and first up, we have the Meltas. The main focus was to make sure that the left shoulder pads connected somehow with the shoulderpads of the Ultramarines I play with. Orange is a great bright color and works well to unify the forces. A burnt metal effect was painted using washes to achieve a burnt muzzle effect. Also the bases were done in a way that reflect the same planet as the other forces. Finally, the Guardsman in the middle received an eagle decal on the helmet, since it had been removed. Fatigues and armor were highlighted ala Games Workshop.

The Plasma gunners were painted to the point. Citadel blues were used and highlights to achieve the glowing effect on the coils. The coils were dry brush using White Scar on the edges of the coils, and parts outside of the coils themselves.

The Heavy Flamers also received the burned Muzzle effect, except that the muzzles were painted to be a goldish copperish color. These three guys also received the orange shoulder pads and highlighted fatigues.

Overall, it took a few days to fully complete. It was difficult to keep motivated towards the end so it became a matter of doing 2-3 at a time. For future reference, I gotta make sure no more than 5 miniatures are worked on at a time to avoid fatigue and deplete motivation. I hope all of you enjoyed the showcase!

If you have any questions or constructive criticism, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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