Next up is a squad of Eldar/Aeldari Windriders for my Craftworld Iybraesil collection. In total, I'm gonna paint six jetbikes, including a Warlock and a Farseer, but I will split the painting into two batches of three models. Here is the progress on the first batch. Just like with my grav tanks, I applied basic highlights with my airbrush, then added additional shading and highlights by brush. I'm gonna add some runic design on the cowls, so stay tuned. I bought these models soon after they were released, and I'm really happy to finally get around painting them.

Oh how long we waited for new jetbikes. I wish they would have put more work into the bikers, they all look very samey. Some alternate bare heads would have been nice, or some gesticulating arms, maybe even upgrade parts for Wild Riders. But yeah, beggars can't be choosers.