This is a conversion I had in mind for quite a while now. When the plastic Autarch model was released, it almost immediately occurred to me that the arms and helmet from the classic Autarch sculpts would make for a great alternate pose. I also wanted a banshee mask and fusion gun over mandiblasters and fusion pistol, so there we go.

Iybraesil is a matrimonial society, so it was clear to me that my Autarch, like my Farseer, needed to be female. I carefully removed the detail on the chest and added more female shapes with green stuff. I also shaved down the crotch a little bit. I started painting the wings and helmet and now proceeded with the cloak and sash. I guess I'll never want to paint a unit of Swooping Hawks, even if they should ever get cool new models. Painting and highlighting all the individual "feathers" is such a drag, plus the wings are so pointy that the paint tends to rub off the points. A lot.

How do you like the conversion so far? Stay tuned for the finished paint job soon.