OK, so the WIP Intercessors didn't last long, but hear me out, I can explain. I have my first game of Age of Sigmar coming up and I need a couple more models painted to make legal units and ring me up to 1000pts. One of these units are my Retributors. I only have three painted so I needed another two. I bought the £10 box of two but I've made a mistake. I already had a Retributor Prime and the Easy to Assemble set includes another Prime - doh! To fix this I've added a spare plain shoulder pad to the prime model to replace his Lion embossed pad. I've also snipped off a couple of extra hanging scrolls/sashs and a few extra spikes from his backpack.  I've also painted his helmet Yellow. All my Primes get Silver Helmets so that should be enough to make this prime look like a regular Retributor.

What do you think? Have I got away with it?

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