You join me today as I start my journey of Conquest, Warhammer 40,000 Conquest to be precise. For the unaware Conquest is a Weekly Magazine subscription in the UK where they send you 4 issues once a month. Each issue will include models, paint, hobby equipment and/or terrain. You can see more in a video review I made here. Otherwise, join me after the jump to hear me explain why my Ultramarines are looking a little green around the multi-lung gills.

Freehand Dark Angel Tutorial can be found here

Why Dark Angels? 
I'm burnt out from Ultramarines and my current 2nd edition inspired Ultramarine scheme is time consuming and I honestly don't think I would make it to the end of Conquest if I had to paint another Ultramarine. I had to decide on an alternative, I was thinking of my old favourites the Space Wolves but they would all need converting and kitbashing and that's not something I have time because I have 4 issues a month to work through before the next month. So I settled on Dark Angels for the simple fact I can paint them quickly and I really enjoy painting them.

No squad numbers yet, as I'm not sure how Chapter Organisation works with Primaris yet. 

There must be more to it than that? 
Actually there is. Conquest also includes some older kits for both forces. There are land speeders, bikers, scouts etc which aren't Primaris. So these are perfect additions to my Ravenwing and 10th company Dark Angels I've already painted. The same can be said for the Chaos force that includes Spawns, Cultists, a Rhino etc. These none Death Guard units are perfect additions to my Black Legion army. These different factions with their different paint schemes will be a very welcome change from all the green I'm going to be painting for Dark Angels and the Deathguard!

What's next? 
Come back soon when I share a WIP post of my Deathguard, and make sure you bookmark this site or follow us on Facebook to get notifications of when my Deathguard tutorial will be released.

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