Hi everyone, I'm back sooner than expected and this time with an Eldar/ Aeldari Saim Hann Farseer which was painted for a painting competition, judged by Lecoqadoodledo. I decided to paint the farseer once again with the Saim Hann craftworld scheme as in recent years, they have really grown on me. I wanted to stay true to the Eavy Metal box art but with some subtle changes as you can see from the gems to the crystal blade.

The crystal blade took me two attempts as I shaded the blade darker then desired. Instead of starting from a dark base coat with successive lighter layers and glazes this crystal blade was painted with a light base coat then shaded to achieve the crystal blade affect.

I also wanted to give the Craftworld symbol a shot as well thus the one painted on the back of the farseer's robes. This miniature is great to paint and I think it's a big improvement from my previous Ulthwe rendition thus I'm happy with how it turned out. Hope you all like it. Let me know what you all think in the comments bellow! I have a few projects lined up so hopefully there will be some more posts soon. Until then take care everyone!