Today I have a couple more pictures of my Nighthaunts Chainrasp Horde (well, I wonder if it can be called a horde yet with only ten models), so check them out after the jump.

These took longer than expected. The models themselves paint up quite speedy, but between the hot weather, a lot of experimenting before I settled for the final paint scheme, and the tutorial I created for painting these, things dragged a bit. I also experienced some unfortunate frosting with Munitorum Varnish that needed fixing, more on that in a future post.

Some things I learnt when assembling these models: They break easily. And a lot. And there are a lot of prominent gaps that need to be filled. Which makes the Nighthaunt range not very beginner-friendly in my opinion, despite being included in the starter box. Also, this must have been a design oversight, but from some angles, the round push-fit connectors under the gaps are very visible. They sure could have sculpted them to look like random folds of tattered clothing when put together? Despite that, the Nighthaunts range is ace.

What do you think about the new Nighthaunts range? Did you jump on the train, too? Leave a comment or reaction below.