Hot on the heels of my Knight Incantor, I've finished another unit for my Primal Kings Stormhost. This time it's the Celestar Ballista. More images after the jump.

Rear view

I think these guys came out really nice. I switched out their sculpted bases for plain bases. I used one of the sculpted bases on my Knight Incantor, which leaves me one spare for future hero models. I covered up some of the texture on the Ballista's base so it's not as noticeable.  

Ranged firepower! Celestar Ballista with Crew and Knight Incantor

Dracothian Guard should be renamed Difficult Guard

What's next for the Primal Kings Stormhost? It's those two Dracothian Guard models. You don't realise how hard they are to paint until you try painting the capes, or the shields, or the mounts, or any of it! I think I've spent more time with the riders upside down than the right way up. 

Luckily my Get-a-Grip Pro is making this a lot easier. Oh yeah, in the picture above you can make out my shields are pinned to a large 50mm tapered cork base in the Get-a-Grip Pro. I don't sell this cork base but it's easy to find on eBay. I did hacksaw it down from 30mm to around 6mm in height. I thought it was a neat hack. You could easily use drawing pins to hold square bases or none Citadel bases. Right back to painting the Dracothian Guard, I want to finish them before my subscription to Warhammer 40,000 Conquest arrives...