Having chosen Dark Angels for the models from the UK publication Conquest I had to think up a way to change the Ultramarine specific Calsius to one of favoured son of the Lion. Check out after the jump how I did this and to see more angels of the finished model. 

To de-ultra the model I used a very sharp scalpel and started by scraping the U symbol from the knee and backpack. I worked the area smooth with a fine file. I switched out the shoulder pad for Dark Angel specific one and then cut off the U hilt of the short sword and replaced it with a Company Champion one I had spare. I had to file the edges of the blade down so it looked like it would fit on the scabbard. 

The Us on the scabbard had the centres filled with modelling putty and smoothed off.

I added a freehand skull to his right shoulder pad to denote the Lieutenant rank. I also added the reliquary hanging from his belt.

Really fun model to paint and that's issue 5 of Conquest complete!

My Primaris collection to date!
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