Today we have the Farseer Skyrunner I built and painted along with my Windrider squad. It's based on a third-party sculpt I acquired from a Russian ebay seller. Find out more after the jump.

Like on my Windriders, the design on the carapace is based on a rune (the Farseer one, of course) and was designed digitally, then printed on decal paper.

As mentioned before, the body comes from a Russion ebay seller. They are no longer available, but you might contact the seller and ask.

The body is a bit on the small side, but unlike the official model, this one wears proper Farseer robes. My main issue with the official model is that the only difference between the Warlock and Farseer Skyrunner is the helmet, while on Infantry models, Farseers wear longer rune armour and a second layer of robes. The arms come from the official Skyrunner kit, the pauldrons were carefully cut from a Guardian Windrider and the ghost helm comes from the 4th Edition era metal Farseer models.

It took a bit of additional green stuff work to properly drape the coat around the jetbike.

Here you can see my Warlock and Farseer next to each other. While the Farseer has a bit of a scratch-built feel, I'm quite happy nevertheless. The Farseer looks like a proper Farseer, not just a Warlock with a ghost helmet.

What do you think about my conversion? Leave a comment or reaction below.