I've just put the final finishing touches to my Aeldari Windriders (stay tuned for a Showcase post soon), so I decided to go for a fun little model next. I had this Primaris Intercessor laying about, and I haven't painted a Primaris Marine before. I'm really intrigued with Kill Team at the moment and love the support it's receiving, so maybe I'm gonna expand this model into a Primaris Kill Team at some point (maybe if Conquest will become available in Germany).

I went for Imperial Fists because I always wanted to paint some, and settled for a rather easy way to paint the armour. Two coats of Cassandora Yellow over white primer creates a vibrant yellow and also gets most of the shading done. I just need to refine the shading here and there with a mix of Skrag Brown and old Fiery Orange (Fire Dragon Bright) and paint a couple of quick layers of Yriel Yellow over any areas where the wash dried unevenly. Then I add highlights with Flash Gitz Yellow and Dorn Yellow. Almost easier than my Ultramarines recipe!