Oh man, this model is so cool. It took me by total surprise by how much I actually enjoyed painting this model. After the jump there are more angles and a pretty interesting comparison shot.

It's actually a work of genius. The way all the parts are laid out on the sprue and how it comes together to create a really detailed 3D model with lots of layers is really impressive. 

Painting this model was an exercise in subtlety. The robes especially, such large flat areas with shallow folds needed the smallest amount of shading definition but being so prominent  would really stand out if I got it wrong. I'm reasonably happy with how the robes came out. 

The force weapon came out nice. I carefully blended it using the recipe from my tutorial. I decided to paint the run light blue as I didn't want it to stand out and detract from the blade. 

And now that comparison shot I eluded to in the opening paragraph. The plastic Dark Angel Librarian was only released in the previous edition of Warhammer 40,000. It's not that old, but the Primaris Librarian with it's scale make the poor little chap look obsolete. I really don't like standing these guys next to each other.

What do you think about "old" marines? Do they still have as place in our armies and display shelfs?
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