I found a few hours to finish the Plague Champion from Dark Imperium to add to my six Conquest Plague Marines. That finishes this unit off nicely. After the jump, check out more angles of the Plague Champion.

The hardest part of this model was choosing the colours for the giant fly. I didn't want to introduce new colours to the model so I painted the body ion the fly how I paint all the daemonic gifts (tentacles and the like) and the wings I painted the same way I paint my Poxwalker skin

Apart from the fly, I just followed my Death Guard tutorial for this model. Working from my own tutorials is great. It ensures consistency but more importantly it's good for time management. I can sit down in an evening and say "right, I'm going to work up to step 12 tonight, then tomorrow I can do the next 4 steps". Working like this means I can pretty much plan out how long the model is going to take. Which is really useful with Conquest because I want to complete each month's delivery before the next four issues arrive. 

This model is covered in detail, which is impressive considering it's a push fit easy to build model. The amount of detail on a model can sometimes lead to negative painting experience but that wasn't the case with this model. Each step in the tutorial was quick and didn't feel dragged out, so I always felt like I was moving along with the project. There is nothing worse then sitting down and painting for an hour only to look back at the model and it looks like you haven't done anything. 

Come back real soon when I share with you the completed Librarian from issue 8 of Conquest.