My Aggressors took ten days to complete. That's a third of the month (maths!) Luckily, this month's four issues of Conquest only has models on the covers of three magazines. So I'm still on target to complete these models before issues 17, 18, 19 and 20 arrive.  After the jump I share an interesting comparison picture.

Freehand Dark Angel symbols.

Heavy Support icons are freehand as well. 

I painted all this back kibble with the model assembled. It was doable. 

Daddy, Mummy and baby? 

In my previous post I mentioned how I thought the Aggressors in Gravis Armour looked like the bastard child of Centurion and a Terminator. I thought It'd be cool to show all three in one picture. My centurion has a waist spacer to fix the poor proportions of the original GW sculpt and he's standing on rocks, so his height is deceiving. But I must say, looking at the three of them together I really like the Gravis Armour.

I would love to see Gravis armour with a terminator helmet. It's the Terminator helmet that's so iconic. The Gravis armour mimics it and it is good.

I really want to know how the Deathwing will be organised in the future. I guess Intecessors and Aggressor Primaris Marines who get promoted to Veteran status will just keep their armour and paint it bone in the colours of the Deathwing they've been added to.    Or will will see Belissarius Cawl create a new Terminator Armour to house the larger Primaris Marines? I would love to see a larger Terminator kit.

What do you think? How will GW integrate (replace) old models in the background?