Hi all, its Rich back again. I had a little break from hobbying recently whilst my wife and I moved house, but I’m back in the flow again with a permanent space set up for me to paint. I’ve been enjoying the early issues of Conquest magazine including the back story to the Primaries Marines as I haven’t followed the background story of 40k since the end of the gathering storm campaign.

This time I wanted to do something totally different with the Ultramarines, my second edition inspired force is very bright and colourful so I wanted to try something completely different for a more modern force. I didn’t want the Ultramarines to lose their ostentatious ornamentation so I went with plenty of gold but kept the main body of the armour black with just a few spots of a darker blue. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out but I’d love to hear what you think. Without further ado here is my take on Lieutenant Calsius.