I haven't considered something until this point. I've only just realised this by looking at this picture  and trying to decide what to write about another armoured container, barrels and crates. What I've realised is at the end of 80 issues of Conquest I'm going to be left with a gaming table full of terrain, but there is something else which I'll elaborate on after the jump. 

Not only will I be left with a gaming table full of terrain, its also going to be painted with care and attention over time. What I mean by this is, because I'm going to be drip fed terrain over 80 weeks, I can work on them individually and lavish details on them. For instance the terrain above has shading, highlighting, lights, skulls, rust, chipping etc. 

When looked at individually, it just fits in nicely with my models and that level of detail is expected, but imagining a table full of terrain painted to this level,  I think it's going to look incredible and I can't wait to get more terrain in my Conquest magazine subscription now. 

I think it's also going to motivate me to paint more tiles for the realm of battle City board I have.