Here we are with a test model for my upcoming Primaris Kill Team. Avid readers might remember I painted an Imperial Fists Intercessor a while ago, but since then, I changed my mind. Inspired by Paul Norton's White Dwarf article about the economics of painting, his custom Primaris chapter, and Darren Latham's Silver Skulls, I chose Silver Skulls, too. I wanted something grimdark and easy to paint, and the Silver Skulls paint scheme fits the bill perfectly.

The armour is just a wash of 1:1 Nuln Oil Gloss and Army Painter Dark Tone Ink [Nuln Oil] over a basecoat of Army Painter Gun Metal [Leadbelcher], then a gentle drybrush of Army Painter Shining Silver [Stormhost Silver]. Very quick and easy to do. The idea to mix Nuln Oil Gloss and Dark Tone Ink/regular Nuln Oil comes from Paul Norton's article. The Nuln Oil Gloss reduces the surface tension even more, while the Dark Tone Ink/regular Nuln Oil adds some "body" to the wash and removes some of the gloss. Combined with some black, bone and red accents (all hidden by the pose, lol), we have a classic "Blanchey" scheme. The model is just waiting for some custom decals for the chapter icon, and I can start mass production soon. What do you think?