My Conquest journey continues! This posts celebrates the completion of issue 19. Lord Felthius and his Blighted Cohort. More pics and my thoughts on this disgusting quartet after the jump.

I followed my painting tutorial for these models. Two areas aren't covered by the tutorial, it's the smoke and the slime. The smoke was based with Celestra Grey and then progressively glazed darker with Thunderhawk Blue through to Abaddon Black ensuring the light colours remained at the bottom.  The slime was based with Moot Green and then shaded with a mix of Moot Green and Warpstone, then Warpstone and then Warpstone mixed with Caliban Green. It was highlight by my mixing Moot Green with Yriel Yellow and Ceramite White.  Thin white edge highlight were added to represent glistening wet highlight reflections. 

This trio of ancient, plagued warriors were quite cool to paint. Each one has his own unique look and character. I like the mix of different armour pieces. 

Even their backs heavily detailed. These models took some time to paint because they are covered in amazing detail. 

There's no avoiding it. Yes I changed Felthius' head. I dremeled out the neck area to allow me to fit a helmeted Chaos Lord helmet in. The sculpt for Felthius' facial features (try saying after a session in Bugman's Bar) was so weird. He was looking up and grinning. He face was wide and just didn't look right. He'd been compared to a chubby Voldemort and a chuckling Uncle Fester. I didn't need that for my force so it got replaced. 

And with the final picture I can safely say I'm pleased to see the back of this unit. It was quite the drain to get painted, all the while lurking in the back of my head I know I still have issues 20 and 21 to paint before the next subscription is delivered. 

I hope you can contain your excitement for the next instalment from me. That's right, it's more armoured cargo containers. Luckily it's the third and final set in the Conquest series. It will feel good to finish off that terrain set and post pictures of it all together.  Watch this space!

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