This epic shot is my attempt to make some terrain pieces that were originally released in the mid 90s look good. More pics after the jump.

I gave the Dark Angels a rest and broke out the Imperium's poster boys for posing duties on the terrain.

Above is the terrain we received in issue 23 of the Conquest magazine. It's not the first time I've painted this terrain. Anyone remember the game Gorkamorka? That boxed game included the same terrain. I had that game back in 1997! 

Pictured above is all the terrain that has been released with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest so far. It's a nice little collection that's grown effortlessly. I never pay much attention to the issues that include terrain, I just drybrush, stipple and sponge my way through them but because the terrain has been issued a little at a time I feel like I've probably spent more time painting it than if I'd gone out and bought it in one go. If I'd acquired it as a single lot I would have rushed through it in a weekend and it'd all be the same colour and a little uninspiring. What I've achieved above is making me want to paint more and actually play a game. 

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