Hi everyone, It is me Cat aka SpaceShrimp with the latest instalment in the Blackstone mini-series. More after the Mag-lift.

Ohm - my god, these models where shockingly painful to de-mold line. But I re-fused to give up and somehow managed to not break their hair cables, even though I dropped most of them at some point, so I am pretty amped about that.

Despite my current* feelings about the mold-line situation I have to say I absolutely love these models. They are so crazy to look at. I love the shock-prods, the face masks, the coil on their back. And the fact they are bare-foot tells means they don’t even care that they are grounded, they are here for getting zapped – insane!

I decided to play it safe and keep the colours palate very limited. There Is a lot going on with these guys and I don’t think they would have benefited from tons of colours. I am really impressed with how dynamic and “non-push-fit” the models look (even though they all are, even the hero’s). The photos don’t do the “3D-ness” of them justice.

At a glance these guys could easily be mistaken for Mechanicus acolytes of some sort. But all those weird features I mentioned earlier betray their allegiance in a super subtle way. In the lore they are said to express their devotion to the ruinous powers by despoiling machines. I can imagine poor UR-025 feeling mighty nervous around those shock prods - that is if they even recognise him as a machine, because who knows what that guy actually is…

Speaking of hero’s it might be time to explore some of the brave souls who would dare venture in to this lair of madness… Stay tuned for more news from the Precipice coming soon.

*Sorry not sorry