Hey everyone, Silvernome here back with more Chaos Legion goodness!

I’ve always been a fan of the Chaos Legions, but since I mostly play Death Guard and Thousand Sons I never really have had the chance to paint the other Legions without building out a force. I’ve always had a soft spot for dreadnoughts, they are just so iconic to Warhammer, so I decided to start collecting Contemptor Dreadnoughts from each legion to give me that chance to paint them all. When I’ve eventually collected and painted them, the grand plan is to make a small diorama to show them off.

My fourth dread in the series is the World Eaters! As I shared in the Death Guard post, I fully magnetized the dread (you can find my quick tutorial on the Brookhammer website) so I could hot-swap weapons on them all. I also magnetized the feet of the dread so when I eventually do a diorama, it can look at home on that display as well as a base themed for my army.

I was torn on what I wanted to do for the color scheme for them. I didn’t want to do the tradition 30K version (white/blue) cause I thought it would maybe be too close to my Death Guard and I already have done blue for my Thousand Sons but I didn’t want to go full 40K (all red) either.

After doing some research, I found myself reading more about the Red Butchers and checking out their artwork. This is what inspired me to do a mix of both 30K/40K: White legs and arms but full red on the shoulders/body, as if he was transitioning from the traditional to the current scheme.

The scroll on his chest is still blank while I figure out what I want to have written there. It was also really fun to test out with blood and gore on a model. Normally I wouldn’t add it, but for the World Eaters it felt very fitting. I’m going to work on a quick tutorial on how I achieved the gore on the claw hand, hope to have it available soon!

I’ve also started to create video showcases, taking a closer look at my finished models. You can take a 4K look at this World Eaters dread on Youtube:

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