Welcome back to the Precipes everyone! Today we are going to look at a WIP of U2-025 with a break down of the paints used to create the blue panelling. More after the Mag-lift.

So, I have an own-brew Ultramarines successor chapter that follows pretty much this exact paint scheme. No doubt you will be seeing some of them in the future as I intend to paint up the Primaris from Shadowspear the same way. I thought my scheme would translate nicely onto U2-025, and I must say, I am pretty happy so far with the results.

To achieve the blue, I primed the miniature in Mechanicus Stanard Grey and followed up with multiple layers of Vallejo Sky Blue. This paint has got a really weird consistency and drys a very different colour from when it is applied. It's like drying cures it from white to blue. I can honestly say I haven't come across an acrylic paint quite like it. As I said. it requires multiple thin layers to get decent coverage but I really like the end result so I endure this laborious part. Next up are simple glazes of Thousand Sons Blue thinned out with Medium. Concentrate and build up glaze around rivets, shadowed areas etc.

For soft area highlights, Deepkin Flesh mixed with Sky Blue about 50/50. Edge highlights are just pure Pallid Wych Flesh. This paint scheme is really quick and simple to do, even more so if you airbrush on the Ice Blue. Just make sure you do one final layer by hand if you airbrush it, just to get the same shade of blue because out of an airbrush it does look whiter.

So there you have it, my UR0-25 work in progress with eye-catching blue panelling to really make him pop on the table top. Hope you enjoyed this update, stay tuned for more news from the Precipes coming soon.