Crazy month for Conquest models. We were treated to a Heretic Astartes Rhino, a Gravis Captain with three sergeants and some ruined building terrain pieces. That's a lot of models to paint! After the jump some close ups as well as group shots of both armies so far!

Firstly, check out the ruins. I really like this rough and ready approach to painting terrain. Stippling, washing, drybrushing etc. It's all really fun and fast  and when viewed as a whole terrain collection looks cool. 

Above you can see the Rhino, Dark Angels and Ruins that we got this month. I was grateful for the sergeants as they now start to fill out the incomplete squads we have so far. Not complete yet, one more sprue will do it but we're not due it yet.

In this shot you can see all the terrain we've had so far in this weekly publication. Quite a nice collection so far.  

Now this is cool. The above two shots so the armies I've amassed to date just from Conquest Issues. 30 issues seemed like a good point to get it all out and just take it all in. That's 30 weeks worth of models painted continuously (ok not quite because of issues that come with paint). Never slipping up or falling behind. Hitting those deadlines and continuing to churn out more painted models. We only have 50 issues left!