Wow! I've painted something that isn't green! This model is easily my favourite from the Shadowspear boxed set. I love the dynamic pose. The flow from the robes is just a miracle in plastic casting. After the jump I share more angles as well as a comparison with my other Librarian.

The first thing I painted on this model were the robes. I knew the inside of the robes would be hard to paint so I airbrushed the robe a nice base coat of Baneblade brown. I then proceeded to glaze the shadows and highlights with multiple thin layers. Once that was done I then went over the entire model blacking in the detail. 

With the detail blacked in, I then painted the sword and face. There was no other reason for this other than I was painting the swords and faces of other models at the time so I got this done as well to save time. 

The armour was painted with Caledor Sky and then glazed with Kantor Blue and then a mix of Kantor and black. I love how dark and rich the blue has gone from that deep shading. 

These two look great together. I'm really happy with both my Librarians. Annoyingly I painted the robes on the right-hand side Librarian too light. I've settled on a more brown coloured robe for all my Dark Angels since then. Oh well, I'm not repainting it.