It was all the way back in February that I picked this model up when I went to Warhammer World. Finally, this Son of a Lion is finished. After the jump I want to talk about some of the techniques I used to paint this hooded hero.

For the core colours of the model I used my Dark Angel tutorial. The one change I've made to this is I no longer wash the armour with Biel Tan shade anymore. I use to do this to tie in some of the blending but now I just concentrate on getting better blends with the Warpstone Glow glazing. 

For the power sword I used my NMM style blades tutorial.  

How to paint the robes

1. Base the robes with Baneblade Brown. You can do the purity seal parchment at the same time. 
2. Then mix Lahmian Medium with Steel Legion Drab to make a glaze. Two thirds of the mix should be the Medium. You can do this with water the blends are smoother. Once you have your glaze mixed up paint thin, translucent layers into all the creases of the cloth. The first layer you put down will be barely noticeable. You need to keep repeating this process to bring up the colour. Make sure each layer is dry before applying the next. This will produce soft blends. 
3. Repeat the process with a glaze of XV88 but this time paint this within the Steel Legion Drab areas  in the deepest recesses. Make sure you leave some Steel Legion Drab showing.
4. Create a glaze of Karak Stone and slowly build up the highlights on the raised areas of the robes. 
5. Use slightly watered down Rakarth Flesh to edge highlight any sharp prominent edges. 

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