Creaking onto the blog today is this crusty old Rhino, sorry I mean trusty old Rhino. This kit has been on Games Workshop's shelves for what must be coming up to two decades. In fact, the Chaos accessory sprue that comes with the tank is even older! That's because the accessories were designed for the original MK1 Rhino kit. Rumble on over the jump and we'll chat some more about this OAP (Old Armoured Pensioner)

You can see from the front and back I've chosen to add Forgeworld upgrade parts to help give the tank an identity. They really help break up the flat areas and give the panels some interesting detail. Really fun to paint as well. 

I've used a drill all over the tank to make it pockmarked. Imagine how big those zits were when they popped. I would not have wanted to stand anywhere near that. Some of the holes I drilled were filled with rolled up greenstuff balls. They were then painted to look like bulbous spots or eyes. 

I added spiked racks all round but made sure to keep them clear of hatches and combi-bolters. I've never liked it when people glue them over the hatches, or in a way that would stop the gun spinning round. I like my sci-fi to be a little logical sometimes.  

Finally, we have the occupants of the transport. A favoured group of seven Plague Marines. I used the same tutorial for the Tank as I did the troops. I even dry brushed the hull, which isn't like me at all. I did enjoy how quick it was to paint though. 

Come back soon when I share my work on the Primaris Sergeants and Captain in Gravis Armour from issue 29 of Conquest.