Hello, and welcome from the briny deeps. Time to put your swim-suits on, and take a plunge with me as we look at my repainted Narmati Reavers.

When Idoneth Deepkin where announced I hit pre-order quicker than a Fangmora eel could snap its jaws. I loved the visual identity, I loved the Lore, I had to get some! I had really high hopes for Age of Sigmar at this point and I knew this army would bring me back into the fold. ( I Suffered from some slight Age of Sigmar "teething issues"). What I didn't expect to happen was for me to paint a few and then completely abandon the project... 

Have you ever painted a test miniature, been happy, then gone on to paint a few more and then become completely disheartened? I even decided to play it safe and initially paint them the standard Ionrach scheme. But I just didn't like the end result. I think in isolation they looked ok, but as a unit, they were just too washed out and lack-lustre, the eye didn't really know where to settle, so I completely shelved the project.

Fast forward about 7 months later and I really wanted to play some more Age of Sigmar. These guys were staring at me with their....eyeless eyes. So I came up with a new own-brew paint scheme, and hey - I didn't totally hate it! I decided to inject some colour into the skin, I know the reasons for their pale tones, but I couldn't help but think that the lack of depth and definition there was a big culprit in my previous paint job. I also added some green to their armour plating, matching it up with the existing blue cloth so I didn't have to repaint the whole thing. I can't believe what a few colour changes have done for my enthusiasm for this army. Not my neatest work, but as a repaint and a fresh reboot, I am really happy that I revisited them!

Above is what they looked like before, kind of, excuse the old phone pic. Some might prefer it, but I need to "click" with all my paints schemes in order to pursue the army in question. I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse at my not so straight forward journey. There will certainly be more Idoneth on the horizon. Has a repaint ever totally rebooted your love for an army? Let me know, catch you next time.