This is a bit of a landmark blog post. This is my 50th blog post talking about the Conquest Publication. After the jump, I bring you up to speed and share some photos.

That's quite some milestone and we're only up to issue 34.  If you're new to this let me bring you up to speed quickly. Every month I receive a subscription from Hatchette Partworks. It costs me £31.96 and includes four magazines.

Typically that monthly set of four magazines will be terrain, paint/brushes, Death Guard and Space Marines but it does change, for instance the Redemptor Dreadnought took up two issues one month. Every four weeks I get a fresh delivery. I've had 9 deliveries so far. My goal is to paint all the models from that delivery before I get my next delivery. So far I've hit every deadline. I even finish some months early and can paint other things like the contents of Shadowspear.

In today's post I want to talk about Issues 31 - 34. Firstly a disclaimer. I'm not actually reading the magazines. They're just being chucked into the binders and forgotten about. They're great if you're new to the hobby but I'm not and a lot of it is regurgitated content from the Codices and rulebooks. So when I say I'm going to talk about the issues, I actually mean the models that came with those issues.

This month I painted the models out of sync. Normally I paint them chronologically but this time I started with the Death Guard from issue 34. However, I stopped after I had finished the Plague Champion and Noxious Blight Bringer.

Before finishing the third Deathguard character I decided to work on the issue 33 and paint the Promethium Relay Pipes. This was a 'quick win' project to see me over a hump. No sooner were the pipes painted I was back on the Deathguard and the Plague Caster was finished in no time.

Issue 31 was a paint brush and two paints so nothing to work on there. That just left issue 32. The Primaries Apothecary. Boy of boy did I underestimate how long he was going to paint. I rarely use a white undercoat and this made me remember why. It was so slow, carefully going over the model and blacking in all the detail to get all the shading on the model. One slip of a brush and that carefully blended white armour would have been wrecked. The Apothecary took nine days (well, evenings I guess) to complete. I'm sure that's longer than the Redemptor Dreadnought.

It's over now. 31-34 is complete and I'm sitting back and waiting for 35-38. Next month is even smaller than this month's model count. I'll be receiving a Primaris Chaplain, Death Guard Plague Surgeon and more Ryza Ruins. With such small amounts to do you can expect to see more Shadowspear updates from me. I'm also tempted to work in the odd Warhammer Underworld's model as I've been playing that recently.