Today's post I just wanted to share the collection so far. It's not finished but it's at a size that's worth sharing. After the jump I tell you how many points it is and why this isn't an army I'd game with.

What you're looking at here is a power level 103 Dark Angel force and that works out to be 1738pts. Now some of the units are under sized. The Interceptors only have two models and the Hellblasters only have three. However the 40K rule book has a paragraph saying you can play with undersized squads so long as you pay the full points/power level. So the three Hellblasters and two Inteceptors can be used in a game, I just have to pay full points, which is what I've done when working out the points and power level. The Reivers and Intercessors only have eight models in each, but these are over their minimum size so points is easy to work out because it's per model. The power level is per batch of models. So I'm paying 10 power level points for eight models, the same I would be paying for 10 models.

I'm not a gamer but if I was this wouldn't be my army. Why? Simple really, I'm not choosing any of the units. It's models from Conquest or boxed games. This is a collection not a serious army to game with.

So what would I do if I was a gamer? Well firstly I think I'd choose an army that suits my style. I quite like just chucking models the board without a care for their well being, grinding the enemy down with fast moving combat units. With the army chosen I'd purchase the Codex and start to work out which units would work with my play style and which units would support that style. I really like it when units give buffs and upgrades to nearby units. It makes choosing an army easier as you choose the units which can benefit from these special rules.

Once I know the units I like, I will write the army up into 500pt increments. So I end up with a 500pt list, 1000pt list, 1500pt list and possibly 2000pt list. Then I go shopping.

I wouldn't buy the whole army in one go. I hate the feeling of being swamped with models. The grey plastic tide can kill an army project faster than Genestealer in a confined space. I would probably approach it in a similar way to Conquest (and Tale of Four Warlords). Monthly purchases that have to be painted before I buy the next monthly amount. Monthly purchases would consist of two to three units depending on size. If I was painting Tyranids then month one might be a box of Tyranid Warriors and a box of Hormagaunts. Month two might be a box of Zoanthropes and a Mycetic Spore, month three might be a return to Tyranid Warriors and Hormagaunts. You get the idea, rather then drowning in crazy huge units that need painting I can break the painting up with more interesting models in between, almost like a reward month.

Why am I going into so much detail about choosing an army? Well I've been collecting for years and not much gaming. Whole editions can pass me by without me actually playing a game. All my collection tend to centre around boxed games because that's what I enjoy buying. Might be worth considering a different approach in the future.

This time next year we'll hit the 80th issue of Conquest and it will be over. It's never too early to start considering future options.