I've fallen for the favoured of Nurgle's sons. I recently purchased the Deathguard Codex because the army is growing and I wanted to know how many points it is. After the jump I'll tell the total points of the army to date and why Papa Nurgle is my new favourite faction. 

Before we get into it, some Conquest admin. These three models all came with issue 34 of the Conquest magazine. I haven't finished this month's batch of four issues yet, I'm just painting them out of chronological order. I will paint issue 33 (promethium pipes) and then issue 32 (Primaris Apothecary).

Adding these characters to what I had painted in previous months gives me a total of around 1100pts. I'm really happy with that. There are also enough units to play a Battalion Datasheet and start the game with three command points. 

But why did I say Deathguard are my new favourite faction? Well apart rom their unique look and crazy amounts of detail and character it's actually the rules. I know, I know! I'm not a gamer, I've said this before. But I spent an evening scouring the rules and writing lists, looking for combos and the Death Guard have some cracking rules that you can stack with other  abilities and strategems.

I really want to play a game with this force now. Having 7 Plague Marines in a Rhino play Blight Bombardment (everyone can throw grenades not a single model) accompanied by a foul blightspawn and a Biologis Putrifier (+1 str and 2 damage for the Blight Bombardment and I can throw a Death's Head grenade and that's like 9 x Grenade D6.

If I do play a game, I'll try to take some pictures and do a mini write up.