Hey everyone, Silvernome here back with more Chaos Legion goodness. Today I wanted to share a look at my recently finished Forge World Bloodthirster.

If there was one model that I always wished was in my collection, it would have to be the Forge World Bloodthirster, An’ggrath the Unbound! My first time seeing him was in the concept art and in-game for Warhammer Online when I worked at Mythic Entertainment. I love how the artists were able to bring him to life and ever since, I was hooked this daemon.

With three Great Unclean Ones under my belt, I needed to grow my Greater Daemon collection. I was lucky enough to finally get my hands on this beast and couldn’t wait to get started!

I utilized the gore/blood technique from my recent tutorial on his axe and whip to add a bit more to the kit. The base features terrain bits from the Urban Conquest box (go go ebay!)

Here are a few more detail shots:

The newer plastic Lord of Change will probably be next, followed by that amazing new Keeper of Secrets Games Workshop teased at Adepticon. Let’s see if I can have all four greater daemons and all the traitor legion dreads done this year…

To go along with this post, I shot a 4K video showcase of this beast so you can get a better 360 degree look at him and it also includes the painting recipe I used. Thanks for checking this daemon out!

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