Lo-and behold-tann. Everyone's favourite eight-legged Octar and his Deepkin familiar. (We all know who is really in charge here)...

This mini is such a joy, I love all the weird and wonderful things the Octar is holding. I imagine his personality to be over-enthusiastic, annoying Lotann with his perpetual fidgeting. I can also imagine he keeps handing Lotann things he doesn't need - they argue constantly, but love each other very much. I think I should probably stick to painting. I might have conjured up a love story worse than Twilight.

So the paints scheme follows my previous green and blue scheme that I came up. I decided to paint the Octar yellow and the paint these weird blue rings on him. Doesn't really hold up well to close inspection, but on the tabletop it is weirld eery and eye-catching.

As with my other re-paints not amazing quality but glad to have got this guy to a serviceable place. Soon I will be adding brand new units to this army and hope that my practice with my paint scheme will pay off.

This is actually a tally of how many times the Octar has pissed off Lotann in the past week. 

So there we are folks, I hope you like my renditions of Lotann and Octar. Stay tuned for more from the murky depths, and as always thanks for reading.