Look what I dragged out of the warp folks! This is not just possessed....this is Greater possessed.*

Oh dear...I don't feel much love for this model. I feel I rushed it just to get another miniature done. I am also not a massive fan of most of the "possessed" style miniatures that Games Workshop has produced over the years. Anyone remember the Chaos Forsaken that came out for Warhammer Fantasy? What a flash in the pan those models where, they are now discontinued, which for a "relatively new" plastic kit feels kind of telling... 

I probably should not have picked a legion that has such heavy"possession" themes then right?! The problem is, I absolutely love the lore and the idea behind possession - and the Greater possessed are such a neat idea! I absolutely love the other Greater possessed in the Shadowspear box set however, so I used this guy as a bit of a warm-up.

As I mentioned, I feel bad that I ended up rushing this miniature. The underside of his claw is umm... not exactly pretty from a quality of paint scheme point of view. But he is done, and I learnt a few things on the way. Mainly that I really can't paint bone/horns, so I will have to put effort into refining my technique and colour choices in future.

*To all non-UK readers - check 'M&S food campaign' for context. PS, Tale of Painters is surprisingly not a sponsor of M&S.