Hello again everyone, check out my latest recruits to my Chaos army!

Wait, weren't you painting ShadowSpear? What about Blackstone Fortress? Why are you painting so many duplicate cultists? Well firstly...quiet mum and secondly, I might have got a *bit* sidetracked.

I managed to amass a whopping 40 cultists from a good old faction doubling up trade from the Dark Vengeance box set back when it came out. This means I also have a bunch of Chosen and two Helbrutes laying about, which I am sure will worm its way into my collection at some point. After having spent so long working on the new Obliterator and really pushing my edge highlighting tolerance to the max with all the Chaos Spacemarine armour trim, I thought I would give myself a bit of break and as Garf calls it: "an easy hobby win".

That is one heckin' ugly family photo. Remind me to remove myself from their Christmas card mailing list.

These guys where just so quick and super easy to paint. There is nothing to it, just base coat, wash, highlight - no fancy nothin'. I decided to focus on doing 10 close combat cultists first, again simply because the looked quicker to paint. I will soon bulk this unit up to 20 when I need another break from ShadowSpear. When I have the remaining 10 done, hopefully, the mixed up unit won't look too "samey". I like the Steel Legion brown combats that this unit is wearing, it ties in nicely to the parchment and cloth on my other Word Bearers, and has a nice "acolyte yet combat" vibe to it.

It is really nice to look at my Chaos collection now, it is starting to feel a little bit more like the beginnings of an actual army, rather than just some random models. I have got a couple more models in mind (don't worry, they are from actual ShadowSpear) and then I think it will be time for a project review.

As always thanks for reading, leave a comment or reaction below, see you next time.