Hi folks, we’re sticking with Khorne for now, but this time it’s the daemonic legions time. Hop inside!

Continuing on with the updates to my ever growing forces, and in the light of the newly released plastic redesigns, today we’re taking a look at some classic Khorne characters.

First off a model I don’t feel needed the remake treatment, as it’s among some of my favorite GW sculpts – Skulltaker or U'zuhl, Khorne’s Sacred Executioner.

My only problem with this model is that I wasn’t able to snag the metal version and have the terrible finecast one, so cleaning him up was a pain in the butt, and some of the details are of controversial quality at best.

And secondly, we have the (finecast again) Herald of Khorne on foot, now renamed for copyright reasons into the Bloodmaster. This guy shares all the problems Skulltaker had, but I love the Sculpt and pose and had fun painting him up. Now I only need to put toghether and paint the remaining 20 Bloodletters and 6 Bloodcrushers I’ve got stored up since I grabbed two copies of Wrath and Rapture about half a year ago and the only thing I’ll be missing to complete the range will be Skarbrand and the FW characters.

Hope you like them! See you soon as we take a look at the part of Wrath and Rapture I actually got to start on.