++VOX TRANSCRIPT++ This is brother Tumial, Sergeant of the 5th Squad of 3rd Company. My Infiltrators have retrieved the lost cargo from the wreckage of the enemy Rhino. Vehicle appears to  be pre heresy with Dark Angel markings. Perhaps someone in command can tell us what in the Emperor's name is going on? Also, we will be requiring a Tech-Adept to run diagnostics on all our scanners. We've been getting quite a lot of ghost blips that don't...++VOX TRANSCRIPT END++

I finished last month's Conquest models reasonably quickly, so I dived back into Shadowspear to paint this crack team of behind enemy lines operatives.

These models are so characterful with great poses and a great design aesthetic. Instantly recognisable as Adeptus Astartes but with enough quirks to make them their own thing. I love the asymmetrical shoulder pads, the external aerials, the smoke grenade, I just love all of it.

With these five completed. It just leaves the Captain and Lieutenant in Phobos armour and five more Infiltrators from Shadowspear to complete the Imperial faction. Then I can start the Chaos models. I feel like progress is being made. Watch this space.