September last year, I shared a WIP post of two Dracothion Guard, 9 months later and they're finished. I took the fancy shot above to celebrate. After the jump I share some close ups and give my thoughts on nearly hitting 2000pts of Stormcast. 

As I mentioned in the intro, finishing these two Concussors brings me ever closer to hitting 2000pts of Stormcast Eternals. In fact, I just have a Celestar Ballista and crew to paint and that's it target hit. In total the army is only 41 models and that includes the Stormcast Endless spells. 

It's an odd collection of models, made up of units I got from starter sets, Underworld's war bands, gifts and the odd model I just liked the look of. I really want to play a game or two with the collection so I can see what works and what doesn't. It should really influence my future choices. 

We're the army, what do you think? Any advice on what I should get next?